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“Lee's Group creates over 300 unique and exclusive designs for our customers every year.”

We also work on developing over 100 new melamine and acrylic molds annually to stay on top of design and product trends.

Lee's Group works with a ceramic artist, Rim Country Pottery to create unique molds that emulate the hand-crafted look and feel of pottery. We begin with a ceramic piece with sculpted details and then take 3D imaging of it to create the melamine molds. We take detailed high resolution photos of the ceramic piece to create the intricately realistic decals. The Melamine case from these molds have the look and feel of pottery.Lee's Group utilizes many different design techniques to create their melamine Dinnerware and Serveware. Techniques such as embossing, add sculpted details to our molds that create a hand-crafted feel and a uniqueness to our product. To help save cost and utilize existing molds, we can create a similar effect with what we call a faux emboss.

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